Postpartum Depression

Are You Struggling With Postpartum Depression?

Adjusting To Motherhood Is Not Always Easy

Motherhood is different for every woman, which makes it unfair to place standards on the thoughts and behaviors "typical" of a new mother. Society promotes feelings of excitement, joy, and gratitude at the prospect of nurturing a newborn child; however, in reality, many more emotions can accompany the transition into being a new mother, not all of which are stereotypically well-received. Having such feelings, does not make you a bad parent, nor does it mean that you are not suited to be a mother.

If you're adjustment to motherhood has left you feeling depressed, there is no need to be ashamed or embarrassed. You could be suffering from postpartum depression, in which case, I can help.

Therapy For Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is not a sign of weakness. It is simply a complication from the process of giving birth, and it should not be taken as a character flaw or anything else of the sort. Whether your pregnancy was planned or unexpected, after you have given birth, there will surely be an adjustment phase.

No matter how much guidance and information we receive before giving birth, there are some aspects for which we simply cannot prepare. Postpartum depression is one of these aspects. If you are experiencing feelings of depression upon becoming a mother, I can help you explore your thoughts and feelings in a constructive manner.

My therapy sessions for mothers who are experiencing postpartum depression involve deep, confidential conversations that take place in a safe environment. Together, we can take a closer look into the situation, as well as the thoughts and feelings that you have about it, to ultimately create a roadmap designed to help you become the mother that you have always dreamed of being.

Let me help you overcome your postpartum depression. Contact my office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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