Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Do you feel like you're watching your life slip out of control, yet you feel helpless to stop it? This is a classic sign of depression and anxiety and it can be both emotionally and mentally debilitating. If you're struggling with feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, and / or hopelessness, you could be suffering from depression or anxiety.

You don't have to go through this alone. During your therapy sessions with me, we can work together to find healthy, safe ways of coping with your anxiety and easing your depression. Contact my Sherman Oaks office today to schedule your first, confidential session.

Healthy Ways To Manage Depression & Anxiety

Feeling anxious and / or depressed is nothing to be ashamed of; however, it is something that you should address with a licensed professional. Although it may seem impossible at the moment, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Depression and anxiety can be made manageable through therapy sessions with a psychodynamic therapist such as myself.

I can work with you to develop the tools and skills that you need to successfully reduce your anxiousness and / or depression, even when your feelings are at their peak. The life that you crave is within reach, and I can help you achieve it! Please contact me to learn more about the therapeutic methods that can be used to lessen your depression and anxiety.

What's At The Root Of The Problem?

One of my primary objectives as a therapist in Sherman Oaks is for individuals who experience depression and anxiety to identify the root of the problem. Any number of circumstances can lead to all-consuming feelings of anxiousness and depression. It is my intention to help my clients identify the core issues that are causing them emotional distress and to then address these issues with healthy coping mechanisms.

I know that most people don't want to go to therapy forever. My sessions are geared toward helping my clients find creative and effective solutions that can be applied outside of my office. Seeking help for your depression and anxiety does not have to last a lifetime. My sessions are focused on addressing your core issues so your depression / anxiety can be managed whether or not you are in therapy in the future.

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