Dating Counseling

How Can Therapy Help With My Dating Life?

Very rarely is dating the adventurous journey it is portrayed to be on television and movies. In reality, it more closely resembles a rollercoaster ride with emotional ups and downs, twists and turns, and highs and lows.

Dating in this day and age has become much more complicated, some might even say stressful and overwhelming, than it once was; but it doesn't have to be! During our therapy sessions, I can help you identify what you truly want out of your dating life and then help you find ways to achieve it. It is rare for someone in the dating world to sit down and actually think about what they want from dating, but at my office, this will be a crucial component of your sessions.

Together, we will find answers to questions such as:

  • Are you looking for a life partner at this time in your life?
  • Are you less interested in a long-term relationship right now and more interested in finding someone who shares similar activities and interests?
  • Has your recent dating history been more focused on your and your own insecurities?
  • Do you have trouble identifying "red flags" in a relationship?

The Dating Game

Dating was never intended to be a game, but for many individuals, it has become exactly that. Rather than focusing on the value of the relationship, too many people get caught up in unimportant details such as, "Is it too soon to call him / her after our date last night?" Because dating is not a game, you cannot rely on "rules" to dictate your behaviors during your dating experience. Doing so could jeopardize the relationship!

Create The Love Life You Want

Dating therapy at my office consists of:

  • Identifying the obstacles keeping you from the love life you want
  • Building tools to better assess your dating style and decision-making
  • Recognizing any patterns in the types of people you tend to attract in your dating life
  • Understanding what did not work in your past relationships
  • Finding your biggest strengths in the dating world

Dating is a journey. I can help you make it an enjoyable one. Don't deny yourself the opportunity to discover new things about yourself and enhance your life as a whole. Call my office to schedule an appointment.

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