Why Choose Me

Why Choose Me?

Have you ever felt like there might be an easier, healthier way to deal with your stress or anxiety? Have the dynamics of your relationship become unmanageable? Feeling alone and / or overwhelmed is common if you haven't yet found the right tools for healthy coping. I am here to help.

As an experienced psychodynamic therapist who has been working in the field since 2000, I know just how uncomfortable these feelings can be. More importantly, I know how to help people find effective coping methods to ease their discomforts.

My goal is to guide my clients through a journey of self-discovery that allows for ultimate self-satisfaction, inner peace, and successful relationships.

Looking at the Big Picture

In the midst of extreme anxiety, overwhelming stress, relationship difficulties, or adaptation issues, finding a way out can seem impossible. I know because I've experienced similar situations and feelings. At the age of five, I moved to America from Iran. The majority of my childhood was spent trying to adjust to my new home and the new culture in which I found myself. I struggled to find a commonality in the different methods of coping, socializing, and communicating that were suddenly in front of me.

Faced with a different reality than most children my age, I realized early on the significance of psychological thoughts and behaviors. The fact that we all experience unique transitions in life cannot be denied; however, I believe that these transitions are bound by common factors that are experienced universally.

What are these common threads of existence?

  • Stress;
  • Anxiety;
  • Chaos;
  • Strength; and
  • Determination

Universal feelings such as these can play an integral role in our ability to adapt to new situations, respond appropriately to stress and anxiety, and / or adjust to life changes. With my help, you can find healthy ways to cope with your daily stressors and instead place your focus on your strengths and determination to lead a happy life.

Both personally and professionally, I have experienced the powerful impact that therapy can have on individuals who are open to the process. I would love to do the same for you. Please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment where we can discuss these matters in further detail.

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