About Katy Golbar

Katy Golbar, MFT

I am an Iranian-American who moved to the United States at the age of 5 years old. I spent most of my life adjusting to different ideas of thinking, coping, socializing and communicating which lead me to the field of psychology. I realized early on that while we all experience unique transitions in life, such transitions are bound by the common thread of stress, anxiety, chaos and most importantly strength and determination to survive.

My professional experience spans from working with Adult Rape Survivors through the Rape Hotline to working with The Healthy Start Program in LAUSD to assist recently immigrated families adjust to their new life. I have been lucky enough to restructure and manage The Life Skills Center of PathPoint Programs where chronically mentally ill patients learned coping skill and social skills in order to improve their day to day life and to live a more independent existence. In my private practice I continue to assist woman through their journey towards motherhood and assist couples cope with the intensity of marriage.

Through my experience both personally and professionally I have learned that change is not easy but possible once we have a better understanding of our choices.

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